Adnan Januzaj should play for England according to former FA chairman

Manchester United looked to be heading towards another defeat at the Stadium of Light on Saturday before Adnan Januzaj produced two moments of magic to turn the game on its head against Sunderland.

Adnan Januzaj should play for England according to former FA chairman

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October 9th, 2013

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The winger was given his first start for the Red Devils at the weekend, with David Moyes rewarded by a fine performance and now there’s a fierce debate over which country Januzaj will choose to represent at international level.

The youngster has rejected the chance to join up with the Belgium squad for the two upcoming World Cup qualifiers and it appears that he could be eligible for England under something called the ‘five-year rule’, although it might involve the player having to wait for the naturalisation process to occur.

Former FA chairman David Bernstein certainly feels as though the Three Lions should look to take advantage of any loophole which can allow players like Januzaj to represent the England team.

He said: “It’s not for me to opine whether that’s enough or not. If that’s the rule and we can take advantage of the rule then we should if that can give us the better team.

Bernstein who was succeeded by Greg Dyke in July, said: “We live in a changing world where there’s much more fluidity of populations and I would say that we must play within the rules. But if within the rules there are players who are eligible to play for England I would be inclined to pick the best players we can get.

“I think other countries do that, we want to be on a level playing field in doing that. I would prefer to see a team made up of players who were born and bred in England but I think we have to play within the rules and get the very best team, I think that that’s what the public want and that’s what the fans want.”

Jack Wilshere had previously said on Tuesday: “For me, if you are English, you are English, and you play for England. The only people who should play for England are English people.

“If you’ve lived in England for five years, for me, it doesn’t make you English. You shouldn’t play. It doesn’t mean you can play for that country. If I went to Spain and lived there for five years, I’m not going to play for Spain. For me an English player should play for England really.”

It might be interesting should Januzaj choose to play for England whether Wilshere might change his mind on the matter!

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