A night of victory for England?

Tonight, under the Italian night sky, England will resume their 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign against San Marino.

A night of victory for England?

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March 22nd, 2013

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As Roy Hodgson’s team step onto the Serravalle Stadium turf tonight, all distractions will hopefully be put to one side and the focus can be firmly on the match.

With FIFA recently ranking England as the fourth best nation on the planet and San Marino being ranked the lowest, Hodgson must be hoping for surefire victory over the side that famously scored in the 8th second of their clash with England a decade ago.

San Marino’s main man Giampaolo Mazza uttered some of the most uninspiring and less than positive words “Our destiny is to lose.” However his comments may not be the downer on his team that they seem to be. Instead might he be teaching his team to have realistic expectations of the clash?

The feeling of awe towards the England team was most certainly felt by full-time bartender and part-time midfielder Enrico Cibelli as he recalled standing in the tunnel ahead of their previous game against England in October 2012 next to Wayne Rooney: “I just play football after work, now we are facing players who we normally only come up against on PlayStation.”

Mazza was not shy in stating that tonight’s match will be the biggest event in the tiny Olympic Stadium’s history.  However there was a little niggle of concern from the England camp, with captain Steven Gerrard warning his side that they must be prepared for their rivals to adopt any number of tactics to rattle their cage and leave the side unsteady.  Let’s face it, we are talking about the team that despite England beating 5-1 in 1994, that one goal they did score meant England didn’t qualify for the 1994 World Cup in the USA.

To say that tonight will be an exciting game is an understatement. All eyes will be on the David and Goliath clash.

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