Unibet Free Bets

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The Unibet name is an apt description of what Unibet does, combining all of the betting markets into a single website which encourages responsibility and fun.  Unibet seems rather unique in the fact that it’s part of the Global Gambling Guidance Group, encouraging conscientiousness among the gambling community.  You can set rigid spending limits and lock yourself out of the site for a given period.  It operates in over a hundred countries and has had 5.7million customers.

Why bet with Unibet?

Unibet has an array of entertaining markets.  It has a huge amount of Sports bets to rival any site on the net.  It also has a Live Casino feature alongside popular classics like Bingo and Poker.  There is a Scratch Card section for the instant potential thrill of a large instant win.

The site also offers mobile betting which is an asset to the modern gambler who maybe wishes to bet from the pub or at the match.  Their live betting facility lets you watch an event on Unibet TV and place a bet on its fluctuating odds.

What about the website?

The website is a pretty standard layout with the various markets tabbed out across the top of the page and a number of tantalising special bets appearing to inform your choice.  It’s a clean easy to navigate site with plenty of expandable markets for efficient quick viewing.

Free bets from Unibet

The Casino has an offer where they’ll double your first bet up to one hundred Euros.  There’s a registration offer up to the value of £20 – if you sign up and place a bet, win or lose, your account will be credited with a free bet up to the value of £20.


Due to its somewhat more ethical stance on cash gaming, Unibet is a pioneer in the so called “Moneytainment” market.   Moneytainment is a fair description of Unibet’s business:  A mix of gambling and entertainment which is as much about fun as it is winning money.  The thrill of win or loss is at the heart of gambling but it should not take over our lives.  Unibet offers the thrill of earning a quick buck without being solely money orientated and still offering completely competitive odds.

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