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McBookie is a refreshingly unique site which puts Scottish football and Scottish sport before all else.  Due to this fact you will find much more specialised Scottish bets like Highland football and junior football.  This isn’t to say that they neglect the other market though with a host of bets that you might expect on a more mainstream site.

Why bet with McBookie?

Scottish football has never received the media attention of many other leagues but it’s a league which in its upper echelons is supported as fervently and in as great numbers as most in the world.  The games going on beneath the supremacy of Celtic and Rangers can be more difficult to find good odds and relevant bets.  This is where McBookie excels.

You shouldn’t be misled by the fact that McBookie specialises in Scottish sport.  It may be geared towards the Scottish punter but the plethora of world markets illustrates that the site isn’t one track.  It includes all the modern paraphernalia of Casino, Poker, and online cash gaming.

What about the site

The site is adorned with a navy and white theme signifying its Scottish persuasion but beyond the superficial it’s a very user friendly set up.  It appears as most modern sites with the betting subcategories along the top and the multiple world markets down the side.

It highlights live televised games to add intrigue to your wager and obligingly highlights the next five horse races for your convenience.

Free Bets with McBookie

McBookie offers a free £10 matched bet to all new accounts where the registering customer resides in Scotland.


McBookie is a site that deserves special scrutiny from the Scottish gambling community.  It puts Scottish sport first but is far from just a novelty site.  It has a range and diversity of bets like any other.

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