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Globet is a modern bookmaker offering an array of bets from sports to online gaming.  Online betting is a huge market, offering competitive odds and user friendly websites; the Globet site exemplifies these qualities an array of intriguing bets to suit the seasoned gambler or the rank amateur.

Why bet with Globet?

Globet offers some of the most compelling bets on the net, with superb value decimalised odds and a host of markets to choose from.  It excels in all the attributes that make online gambling so appealing: multiple worldwide bets, a wealth of sports, live odds, and some of the most absorbing cash prize games available.

There’s a comprehensive collection of casino games, with an emphasis on the old favourites, and enticingly, these games can be played for free or for cash.  Learn the ropes and get a feel for the site by playing a few hands of Poker before you commit to the cash stakes.  Go to the site on your lunch break for a few fun games of chance.

What about the website

The website is all about ease of use and efficient navigation.  The pages are detailed without being over laden with junk and distractions.  The feel and layout of the site is one of the best on the net, featuring an adjustable betting slip at the side of your screen – an easy and effective way to track your bets.

They have a user friendly ‘Easy Bet’ tab which lets you locate a quick bet without having to rummage through extensive lists, and they have a bet search engine which so you can find the wager of your choice.

Free bets from Globet

Globe are currently offering free bets where on making a deposit you can be awarded up to £50 worth of bonus credit.


Globet is a straightforward online bookmaker with the depth of bets and user options that make online betting so gripping.

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