Coral: bet £5 and get a free £20 bet

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Coral is a long established bookmaker so offers the assurances of being able to make transactions with a secure and reliable service.  With over 80 years of gambling experience, Coral have evolved with the game and understand the needs of the modern gambler.

Why bet with Coral?

Despite their experience and heritage, Coral offers a range of bets comparable to any online bookmaker.  They’ve evolved into the cash stakes online games market, with a user friendly Casino feature and Poker games to suit all skill levels.

Coral, like many bookmakers, value sports as the foundation of their business and duly offer an abundance of intriguing sports bets but that’s not to say they don’t branch out into some fascinating general interest markets.  Strictly Come Dancing is a British institution – why not place a bet on who will score highest in the next episode to add interest to intrigue.  If you’re more of the X-factor persuasion, that’s covered too.  The modern gambler often operates through their mobile phone – Coral is a thoroughly modern service and have branched into the world of smartphones, android phones and iPhones.

What about the website

The websites simplicity is its strength.  It’s easy to navigate and looks as clean cut as it is.  Whereas other sites appear brash and sleazy, the Coral site is tasteful and professional – a reflection of Coral’s 80 year lineage.

You can locate a bet easily with the bet search engine and rummage through the site with ease, navigating through 8 main categories including the exciting world of mobile betting.

Free bets with Coral

Coral is well aware that free bets are what often attracts the modern punter and are currently offering a free £30 bet.


Coral is one of the oldest hands in the game and their experience and class is obvious throughout their site and their service.  There’s no gaudy graphics and unnecessary features – just a practical but comprehensive service.

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