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Betfair Website Review

Betfair is not a bookmaker in the traditional sense. Instead, it is the world’s largest betting exchange. Betting exchanges offer a very different way of betting on sport by allowing you to bet against other users. The benefits include better odds, more diverse markets and the opportunity to lay, as well as back an outcome.

Why bet with Betfair?

As a betting exchange, Betfair allows you to bet against other punters, doing away with the bookmaker (and his profit margin) entirely. This means that, without the bookie’s “over-round” on every market, you should expect to see better odds on Betfair.

It also gives you the chance to both bet for and bet against an outcome. If you think a team or a horse will win, then you will back it like you will any other. However, if you think a team or a horse won’t win (ie, you think they’ll lose or draw), then you can “lay” it. In effect, you become the bookie when you lay an outcome.

The advantages of betting on an exchange are both the greater choice of bets, the opportunity to lay an outcome and effectively “trade” on an event, and generally better odds when compared to traditional bookmakers.

What about the website?

At first glance, Betfair may look confusing but it is actually quite easy to get the hang of.

On any market, you will see two sets of prices. Each price also has a value underneath it and this value represents the amount of money available to bet against. The “back” prices are shown in blue and the prices shown (in decimal form) are the odds currently being offered by those who are prepared to “lay” that outcome. You can either accept these prices or request your own price. The purple prices are the “lay” prices – the odds that are being requested by people looking to back an outcome. When you have a bet that can be corresponds with another punter’s offer, your bet is “matched” and finalised.

Free bet offers from this operator

Betfair is currently offering a free £20 risk-free bet for all new customers, with the chance to claim even more bonuses depending on how much you bet in your first month.

Place a qualifying first bet and, if your selection loses, Betfair will refund your stake up to £20 to your Betfair account. In addition, you can claim up to £1,000 in bonuses thanks to Betfair’s loyalty scheme.

The Verdict

Betfair is the world’s biggest betting exchange and it is easy to see why. With millions of members, the chance to trade on a huge range of markets and a great welcome offer, try Betfair for yourself to experience a different approach to betting.

Claim your free £20 bet from Betfair now.

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