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Betdaq Website Review

As a betting exchange, rather than a traditional bookmaker, Betdaq offers a very different way of betting on football, horse racing or any other sport. With claims of better odds and the chance to lay as well as back an outcome, exchanges like Betdaq have changed the way in which we bet.

Why bet with Betdaq?

Betting exchanges work a little bit differently to traditional bookmakers. In fact, there isn’t actually a bookmaker at all. Exchanges act as a platform in which two punters can bet against each other so, in effect, you are betting against a fellow punter.

When you bet with a traditional bookmaker, you simply decide which outcome to back and you win if and when that outcome materialises. When betting on an exchange, you have the choice whether to back or lay an outcome. So, for example, you could either “back” the home team to win their next match, meaning that you will win if they win the game, or you could “lay” the home team, meaning that you win if the home side doesn’t win (ie, if they lose or if they draw). By laying an outcome, you effectively become the bookie.

The advantages of betting on an exchange are both the greater choice of bets, the opportunity to lay an outcome and effectively “trade” on an event, and generally better odds when compared to regular bookies. This is because, by betting against other punters, you are eliminating the bookmakers “over-round” (ie, their profit margin) on the market, although Betdaq does take a small commission on all winnings. You can even set your own odds on any given outcome.

What about the website?

The Betdaq website is a little different from many other betting sites. It can look confusing at first but it is easy to get the hang of.

On any market, you are presented with two sets of prices. Each price also has a value underneath it and this value represents the amount of money available to bet against. The “back” prices are shown in orange and the prices shown are the odds currently being offered by the “layers”. You can either accept these prices or request your own price. The green prices are the “lay” prices – prices being requested by people looking to back an outcome. When you have a bet that can be matched with another punter, your bet is “matched” and finalised.

Free bet offers from this operator

Betdaq is offering £200 of free bets to all new customers. To claim your free bets, simply sign up with code ALLBDQ03. When you have paid £25 in commission, you will be given a £25 free bet. Then, for each additional £100 in commission paid, you’ll be given an additional free bet of £25, up to £200.

The Verdict

Betdaq offers a very different betting experience and they can be extremely profitable. However, they aren’t for the faint-hearted and laying can be a risky business. If you want the thrill of betting against other punters however, then Betdaq can be a great place to bet.

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