188Bet Free Bets

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188Bet are specialists in ‘Live Betting’ and ‘In-Play’ betting.  These live markets are becoming a prominent feature in the gambling world due to their unique adaptability to changing scenarios and fluctuating odds.

Why bet with 188Bet?

188Bet offer odds that are up to 20% better than those you may get at a betting exchange.  It’s a conventional site where there’s no waiting about for your bid to be matched.

The advent of in-play betting has somewhat revolutionised the gambling world and 188Bet are the in-play specialists.  Every month they offer an average of 4,500 live games with in-play odds.  Their list of Football leagues is surely as comprehensive as any with over 400 different leagues to choose.

188Bet don’t lag behind with online gaming – they claim to carefully assess the best of the modern cash stake games in order to provide only the best for their punters.  Some other sites do seem to have some games that look cheap and tacky, whereas 188Bet avoids this.

What about the website?

188bet.com has a professional and sophisticated feel with tasteful graphics and good usability.  It follows convention and has the betting categories listed along the top of the page, but it differs in the fact that it’s not overburdened with trash subjects.  There are three main categories: Sport, Casino and Live Casino, giving a no-nonsense edge to the site.

Free bets at 188Bet

188Bet offer a £25 free bet on registration.  Make a deposit, place a bet and if you lose you will be refunded up to £25; A fantastic risk free introduction to online gambling.


188Bet typifies what it is to be a modern online bookmaker.  Their site is stylish and slick and the lack of nonsense and jargon is refreshing.  If you’re the type of gambler who enjoys the changing thrills of in-play markets it would be hard to find a better site.

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