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Welcome to FootballScores.com, when you want the latest football scores and results now, Footballscore.com has you covered. It’s not just the latest scores— we provide live NFL scores for every game happening in the league. From live scores to current NFL standings, you’ll get it all here.

Whether you’re looking for the latest standings and live football scores to strengthen your NFL expertise or plan your next bets, we’ve got all the live scores to America’s favorite game right here for you.

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We’re your reliable source for how the season is unfolding. We provide live scores and statistics on all the NFL’s regular-season games, the playoffs and even the Super Bowl. Make Footballscores.com your trusted source for the score to every football game.

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We provide the most up to date NFL standings for each team in the league. Count on this team to provide you with the latest updates on where every team stands in the NFL.

To orchestrate the roaring spectacle that is the NFL, the league’s 32 teams are split into two conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). Both conference’s 16 teams are organized into its East, West, North and South divisions.

It’s really simple to get familiar with how these conferences are organized in the NFL when your keeping score with us. With just 4 teams in each division, it also doesn’t take long at all to check out the NFL standings provided at Footballscores.com.